Java Introduction


What is Java ?

  • Java is a high level Object oriented programming language. This is developed by a small team of sun microsystem named as “Green Talk” in the year 1991.
  • The Person are initiated ‘James Gouslin’, ‘Mike sheredas’ and ‘Patrick Naughton’ in that teams.
  • This team has initiated java for developing the software for the electronics device like- Setup Box and Television set. 

History Of Java

  • The initial name of this language was “Green Talk” according to the team name. Later it was changed named as “Oak”.
  • They suggested the name of language was ‘Oak’ because, Oak is the symbol of strength and the relation of tree of many countries like- German , France etc.
  • In the year 1996 again this name was changes to java. This name was suggested by ‘James Gausilin’ because Java is the island of Indonesia where the first coffee was produced names as ‘Java Coffee’.
  • That team always used that coffee during the development of java language.

Features Of Java Programming Language

Java is a very popular programming language. Java has so many good features as a result we can easily developed different types of application like – desktop application, Enterprise Application, web application and mobile application etc.

These are the following features :-

Platform Independent

  • Java is a programming language we can develop apps, that can be run in any Operating System it’s may be windows, linux,mac etc so it is called as Platform Independent.


  • Robust means Strong that is java is a very strong programming language.
  • A java is also called as Robust because of 3 different reason such as :-
  • Strictly checking datatype (During the time of I/O java strictly check all data type where as any valid data one allowed the application.)
  • Auto garbage collection feature in java (Java has also an auto garbage collector as a result those object are created but not used so it automatically memory will free of released so extra memory don’t waste.)
  • Exception handling. (In java exception handling mechanism is used handle the exception or error during the time execution terminate the program abnormally.)


  • Java Language has very secure , it means the program developed in java will not easily affected by the virus.
  • Because around the java program ,other java program named as “Java sand Box” always executed this application that’s why it doesn’t allow any virus in the program.
  • As a result the program is always safe & secure.


  • When more than one operation execute at a time known as multithreading.
  • Java is a such language which can developed multithreading type of app.
  • In this mechanism used basically developed game , animation & server side app.


  • In java we can develop distributed type of application that is single app but can run multiple server so this is called as distributed application.

Simple & Compatible

  • Java is a very simple language for those person have some basic knowledge of C or C++ , and in java there is no pointer concept so it is very easy.
  • Due to compatible feature available, Java programs are run very lower configuration.

Compiler & Interpreter

  • Java is a such type of programming language that can support both compiler & interpreter that are used where compiler can convert High level language to machine level language, known as byte-code.
  • Interpreter is used to convert the byte-code to machine executable code according to the local machine , which make to java program platform independent.

OOP’s (Object oriented programming)

  • Java is purely object oriented programming language that can support all the features of oops that’s why we can develop real life application using java programming.
  • Java language basically used to develop all type of real life application.

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